Custom development

Depending on your goals we offer services for custom development of business applications starting from simple layouts and prototypes of future systems for hypotheses verification up to creation of high-load platforms with microservice architecture.
We're working on an open-source technology stack, we're not restricted by sanction policies and limits from separate vendors.
Also we offer integration, support and development of existing systems.

Service provision options

Iterative development based on flexible methodology
We will quickly launch the operational products and will refine it as needed. We're flexibly addressing customer's priorities even if there is no documentation. We minimize product time to market.
Development based on your terms of reference
We will develop a solution according to specified requirements at a fixed cost.
Stage-by-stage design, development and implementation
We will generate terms of reference, design, develop and implement the system with stage-by-stage delivery.
Deadline: min. 6 months

Our approaches

We use cutting-edge open-source technology stack: PostgreSQL, Java, JavaScript, React, Spring Boot, Electron, Django, MongoDB, Python.
We use various methods of extreme programming to quickly achieve the best possible result.
We use the CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) practice.
We work with distributed teams.
We use cutting-edge UI/UX interfaces design tools.
We prefer a comprehensive approach to addressing the tasks: we analyze, design, develop, test, integrate and support.
We offer various contract schemes: at a fixed cost or covering actual expenses.
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