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Digital solutions for your industry
Our business solutions and products

Our business solutions and products

Investment programs management

Solution to automate investment programs planning and integration control processes on the Investor and Customer level.
The solution is designed to manage a large quantity of investment program objects based on priorities and allocated financing limits.
Solution features: investment program balancing, project cost assessment with no estimate documentation, creation and control of engineering and design, construction and installation works, creation and control of materials supply plan, association of estimate documentation to work schedules and actual execution based on cost items, project document flow, creation of documents sets based on templates, wide integration profile.
The solution allows to optimize investment and construction program management of the company, reduce risk of information gaps between different players, ensure transparent adoption and timely commissioning of facilities into operation.
Industries: Oil and gas, power industry and housing and utilities infrastructure, bank sector

Construction projects management

Portals for big projects management provide a unified communication space for all construction players.
Integration of information portals allows to reduce risks of schedule overrun during project implementation, control budget compliance and increase transparency and documentation coverage of projects.
Solution for field personnel (construction crews and technical inspection employees) allows to control quality of project implementation.
Establishment of project management offices increases planning quality, awareness and manageability of all players of investment and construction projects.
Industries: Oil and gas, industrial and civil construction, retail, bank sector
BIM solutions
together with
Based on leading global and Russian platforms, we offer a comprehensive solution for informational building and structures modelling, that includes consistent refining and standardization of company's activities regarding digital modeling, delivery and integration of IT tools, personnel training, generation of BIM models for existing and future projects, as well as a set of measures for data systematization and dispatching.
Utilization of BIM solutions on the entire object life cycle will help reduce total object ownership cost.
Industries: Oil and gas, industrial and civil construction, power industry and housing and utilities infrastructure

Energy efficiency management

Unified system for equipment state monitoring and management based on information from periphery IoT devices allows to reduce energy consumption by 15-20 %, reduce failure rate of expensive equipment, increase its service life and optimize operational procedures on the object operation stage.
Our solution includes analysis of current state of energy-intensive equipment, delivery, installation and configuration of IoT devices/sensors for monitoring and management of equipment state, controller programming and creation of energy saving scenarios, delivery and integration of state monitoring and management and predictive analysis based on collected data.
Industries: all of them at object operation stage

Building and structures operation management

Comprehensive solution for buildings and structures operation management (computer-aided facilities management, CAFM) includes components helping manage schedule and additional works, cleaning, rentable areas, logistics support and contractual security.
The solution can be integrated to ERP system and in combination with BIM, VR/AR, smartEMS solutions it will help achieve significant savings on object operation.
Industries: all of them at object operation stage